Lesson 8: How to Talk About Your Likes and Dislikes

In this lesson, you learn to talk about your likes and dislikes. Also, we will be learning the Persian sound ‘gh’.

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Is the picture from LACMA? There are indeed many Persians in Los Angeles!

Love your podcast so far, I look forward to progressing through the series!

I'm a little confused on this one, though. I took a few years of Farsi in undergrad (mostly learned colloquial, as everyone in my class was Persian), and I've never heard "tona" as the formal possessive enclitic. Shouldn't it be "etan"? As in "kar-e-shoma / kar-etan", whereas the informal would be "kar-e-to / kar-et"? Is this just a colloquial convention or am I misunderstanding the meaning of the sound "tona"?

Never mind, I get it. Maybe I should have finished listening to the podcast first :P

Hi Eric! I'm so confused- what do you mean by 'tona'? I'm really interested what you learned in your class vs. what we are teaching- is it completely different, or were you referring to something else?

Hi Leyla! I was just confused by the ra -> o sound change. So in formal Persian it would be taan raa (تان را) for a direct object that belongs to formal you, but in colloquial it's toon-o. My class taught formal Persian, so I learned the first pronunciation. I think because the colloquial version is a less obvious sound, I just didn't pick up on it from my Persian friends.

For "I like exercising," you mentioned two words. I am confused by which is supposed to be 'exercising'

It sounded something like this: "Duust doram varzesh bokonam" Is "varzesh" here something like "exercise" and "bokonam" the first person form of something like "do" (is this not mikonam?) or "practise"?

Thank you!

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