Lesson 23: The Simple Past Tense

Lesson 23 goes over the simple past tense, including how to talk about what you did over the last weekend.

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Great work. Thanks for the wonderful site and your dedication. I will add your link on TexasPCC.org Site.

One suggestion: It would be better to remove the LINKS from the photographs. In Wordpress, you can null-out the link that is created by default. the links are distracting because it appears that the photos are linked to another page but the photos are actually not linked to anything other than the photo's location on the server.

Wordpress has some strange defaults.

Best regards,

Thanks so much Shane! I saw that it was added to the TexasPCC.org site, I really appreciate it! Thanks for all the hard work you do for farhang sara and for that website as well, I know everyone appreciates it so much.

And yes, I see what you're saying about the images. It's hard to remember to do that. I'll go through and take off the links though. That is a strange default indeed!

ghorbaneh shoma,

Dear Leyla & Matt,

Many thanks for such a great course - well done! I notice that lesson 23 is the only one not available as a podcast on iTunes - is this just a little oversight?

Thanks again for all your efforts to help us learn this beautiful language.

Manchester, UK

Hello Michael,
Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm not exactly sure why Lesson 23 isn't showing up... I've tried everything to get in on there with no luck! Perhaps I will delete the page and repost when I have time, hopefully that will fix it.


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