Lesson 16: How to Talk More About Food and Specific Persian Meals

In Lesson 16, we learn more about meal times in the Persian culture, as well as popular foods to eat during each of those mealtimes. In addition, we have a continuation of the dialogue of Matt visiting his in-laws on a Saturday afternoon.

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I grew up eating gormet sabzi... you guys didn't mention kabab and rice though!!!! That HAS to be a staple of Iranian food, right?

Thanks so much for these lessons though... it makes going home to visit a lot more fun.

The word befarmaid is a word I picked up just listening to Iranians, the first word I learned. I think it also corresponds well to the English expression, "be my guest!"

Of course the word "ghormeh" has nothing to do with French. It is related to Turkic "kavurma".

(Indian "korma" has the same origin by the way. Interestingly enough, the name of the delicious Indian "sabji" comes from the Persian word "sabzi".)

I enjoy each lessons so much!
I have just noticed that the transcript for the lesson 16 does not match to the one on the website... I am wondering if this will be fixed soon???
Thank you.

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