Lesson 13: How to Host or Be Hosted (especially when it involves chai)

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I LOVE THESE LESSONS. I hope that Leyla and Matt will never stop! The pdf guide is super helpful- worth waaaay more than a dollar! I love finally being able to learn conversational Persian, and not have to worry about reading and writing. One question though, do you plan to eventually teach reading and writing? It would be nice to know at least a little bit of knowledge on the letters, especially since the Persian script is also provided on the pdf guide. Anyways, thank you thank you thank you Leyla and Matt!!!

I have used the bonus materials for my kids and they are having a great time learning. I hope that these lessons continue. Thank you Chia and Conversation.

These lessons are brilliant - thank you so much Leyla and Matt (and Leyla's Mum! ;)..) It has been wonderful finding somewhere to learn where it is put into context and so well taught. Keep it up guys!

This is great, but I dont think that the transcript matches the podcast for this episode. I like following along to make it easier to sink in could this be updated? Thank You!

Salam azeezam ! Haleh chetoorin?

"Ta hafteyeh deege" yani chi?
What does it mean?

Kheyli mamnoon!!!!
Chai and conversation ro kheyli doost daram

Thank you so much for this!! I was able to talk with my Iranian family today and they were all so happy! I hope you'll keep making more podcasts!

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