Lesson 59: Persian Food

Photo by Yasamin Shafinury

In this lesson, we learn the langauge associated with one of the most important parts of Persian culture- food. We learn vocabulary for different Persian dishes, how to consume Persian food, and how to talk about it afterwards. This lesson might make you hungry, somake sure to have at least a little something to eat before listening to it!

Also, here are some links to some of our favorite Perisan recipes and food blogs:

Najmieh Batmanglij's recipes are amazing

Turmeric and Saffron is one of the best Persian food recipe blogs, with recipes for some of the foods we mentioned in the podcast

Ariana Bundy has amazing videos with lots of delicious Persian recipes

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Thank you for this podcast Leyla! I was wondering if you could do one on asking about someone's health or what to say to someone who is recovering from an illness?

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