Lesson 4: How to Say Where You Live, and Answer Simple Questions

In this lesson, we review all past lesson materials. Then we learn how to say where we live (and if it’s different than where we are from), and how to answer some simple questions.

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Great lesson and great job!! I hadn't seen a post in a while and was beginning to wonder if you had abandoned this AWESOME thing you have going.

Keep up the great work!!

Thank you so much! This is so perfect. I hope that so many more people will find out about your website so that you can continue providing these wonderful lessons. I look forward to each one with much anticipation. Really! Dobahreh Moteshakeram

Hi, first let me thank you for really helpful lessons. I am using your lessons everyday and it really work. I need to download the PDF rather than the audio, the first three lessons were free and I did it. Now I don't know how can I have the rest of the lessons? If registration is needed then how can I register?
Sayed Maroof Hamedi

I was always looking for a podcast to teach persian and now I found one ! Thank you so much and please keep the good work !

I absolutely love this podcast! I've been desperately looking for sites that teach conversational Persian but this is the first! (and a really good one at that!) please do keep up the podcast regularly! I'm only relying on this source to learn Persian.

how can I download bonus materials and do you take amex. This is the best website, thank you, thank you. Luci


Can I just ask - We are learning a very formal type of Persian and when we use 'shoma' the ending of the word we are told is '-id'. In your lessons you end it with '-in'. I guess my question is, are both acceptable and what is the difference?


Hello Kate,
Yes, both are acceptable- -id is more formal, and much less often used in conversation. When I started this project, I made a decision to teach PURELY conversational Persian, and I decided to stick with it. There's an explanation of -een vs. -eed in one of these lessons- not sure if you've come across it yet or not. It's somewhere in Unit 1 though, if you haven't come across it already.


Thanks guys this is wonderful! I wish you the best with what you are doing :)

maan dar Tenerife (España) zendeguí mikonaam... I´m learning...

when you want to say my name is ....
esme man .... hast
but we usually say
esmam ...eh like esmam saraeh

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