Lesson 6: How to Talk More About Your Family, and How to Count to Ten

In this lesson, we expand on introducing family members to others, and we also learn how to count to ten! Also, we introduce a special guest at the end of the program.

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thnx alot for da weekly update...am learnin da language pretty fast nw..thnx a million..^_^

I sent you an email but had to leave the message here too. Still loving it~ Keep the lessons coming. I used what I learned to communicate to 2 people that I met from Iran while traveling in Italy and now have 2 new friends. Beautiful people! Thanks Leyla and Matt

I just stumbled upon this podcast, and gave it a try to learn a new language I find myself impressing others with the few beggining sentences. Its a wonderful way of learning a new language and hopefully I will if I stay on track with you people
Thanks a ton both of you
Leyla I'm already in love with your voice :D

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