Lesson 10: Review of Unit 1!

This is the last lesson in ‘Unit 1′ of Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation. In this lesson, we review all the materials learned before, and learn some extra vocabulary that will help you to communicate effectively in the Persian language! Congratulations on reaching the end of ‘Unit 1′!

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can I get access to Persian movies with Persian and English subtitles? If possible please send me the link

Try these films: Separation, About Elly, Fireworks Wednesday.

I have been using these lessons for a couple week and just completed the review.

خیلی ممنونم لیله ومات

Hello. Very Good lessons. Do you know some Good Movies in farsi? Maybe romance or comedy.

Hi dear C&C Team!
thanks a lot for your helpful podcasts! So I can learn more Farsi and american english :)
One question to this first unit. I´ve more often heard the word 'danesdju` for student. You use
shagerd....what is the diffenence?
daste shoma dard nakon!
salam az alman!

Thank you for creating these wonderful lessons. I am happy to have found a site that provides Persian lessons in short and sweet snippets of digestible content! Very practical for me. Kheili Mammnoon! Merci!

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