Lesson 41: Telephoning and Other Structured Infinitives

In this lesson, we go over some 'structured infinitive sentences'. These are verb structures that include all parts you need to make a full sentence within them. The four verbs we focus on are 'I telephoned ______', 'I am happy with ______', 'I am angry with _______', and 'I am waiting for _______'.

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Excellent lesson. But I really miss the old feature where we could skip or go back quickly if we missed something without having to start all over from the beginning. If you could pls make it possible, it would be appreciated :)

Kelly, you should be able to still skip around by clicking where you want to jump to in the long progress bar in the middle of the player.

This was a great lesson I learned a lot. Thankyou

I realized that I can't forward or go back on my iPad and iPhone. But if I listen to the lessons on my laptop or iMac it's possible.

I'm really enjoying these lessons. Thank you so much Matt and Leila

Hats off to Laila on coming up with this website. It's a great way to learn Farsi or Persian and best wishes to Matt for being such a fine student in addition to all his other preoccupations. In this lesson, Laila mentioned her mother having some lessons that involves writing in Persian. When will that come available? I'm eager to master Farsi as soon as and as fast as I can.

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