Lesson 42: The Simple Subjunctive

This lesson teaches the simple subjunctive, which will allow you to take definite sentences like 'I am going to the movies tonight' to less definite ones like 'I could go to the movies tonight'.

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Many thanks for this, Leyla and Mat. Excellent, as usual.

Just one technical detail: the subjunctive isn't a tense, it's a mood.

Best wishes,


Thanks guys! It's about 4 months i' m studying your lessons and i' m so proud of the progresses i made. Keep teaching please !!

I just had to comment on this one!! I learned so much. I am marrying into a Iranian family and that is why I am trying to learn it. I learned words here that I often heard them say but didn't understand. The subjunctive can be a little confusing but you explained it very clearly with lots of examples. I learned new verbs and everything. I really enjoyed this lesson and I can't wait to hear more. Thankyou for doing this.

Subjunctive form or Beh form in Farsi is very similar to English. When you say "I want", "I am going" or "I am able", it has to follow with "to". "Beh" means "to". I think that is why we need to use Beh form. It's kind of make sense.

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