Lesson 3: How to Introduce Where You are From, and Introducing the Different forms of You

In this lesson, we learn the different forms of you, formal and informal. In addition, we build on learning how to introduce yourself, including asking where others are from, and how to answer where you are from.

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There seems to be a missing Audio track. Is this the correct file? Lesson 3 seems to be missing gaps of sound.

Otherwise I am really enjoying these podcasts.

Tara, I'm actually having the same problem. Gaps in the audio file. So, you're not alone. Would be nice if this can be fixed. Otherwise, your lessons have been awesome. Keep it up.

The lessons are very easy to follow and quite enjoyable. I am looking forward to further audio and pdf lessons. Thanks alot!

I love the audio lessons! There is nothing else like it available, and I hope you keep it up.

Guys, there still is some problem with the LEsson 3 on iTunes, the download is broken...!
For the rest, thanks a lot, enjoying the "classes"!

Hi again - I meant to say that I'll recommend your podcasts to as many people as I can over here.....starting with my class....it really is fab.


I found your Page some days ago!
And i am so thankful for your work!
It's great! You went on step by step but fast enough to teach us new word. I really enjoy Chai And conversations Cause i can train Myself to listen to farsi speaking.

Please go on!

Many thanks from Germany!!!!

Thanhs for this wonderful app.
I really live it even if i'm only at lesson number three.
I have a question:
I would like to purchase the extra material,but is it possible to download it on an android phone?
I have tried to download the lessons to listen without beibg connected, but I can't
Thank for your answer

I am learning to communicate with some favorite students and colleagues who are from Iran. They can't believe what I can say already!

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