Lesson 2: How to Greet People at Different Times of Day, Say Goodbye, and Introduce Yourself

In this lesson, we build on the last lesson, and learn how to greet people during different times of the day, several forms of the word goodbye, and how to introduce yourself. The first of these would be how to say "good morning".

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Thank you for these lessons. I am just starting lesson 2 but I am exited to go through all the lessons. I think this conversational system was what I was looking for. Good job!

Hi Leyla and Matt! Thank you so much for these great podcasts. I am a student at London University on a beginners' course in Persian. We have an excellent teacher who is very thorough. However, your conversational Persian lessons are bringing the language alive for me. I have purchased the bonus materials and that has made a big difference too - I totally recommend them. Please keep going - there are many of us out here who have no access to native Persian speakers and now we have a community at Chai and Conversation so we don't feel so isolated in our studies!!

Joanne, Thanks so much for your kind comments! And thanks so much with supporting us by buying the bonus materials- glad to hear they've been of use!

And yes, if you haven't already, join the facebook page as well- the 'community' is very much alive there!

Really awesome program! Accessible and highly informative. Learning a lot so far, thanks guys!

its written bekheyr but in some accents its prounoced bekher, bekher is more informal

yani man asheghe in site shodam ba in matalebe ghashang, jazab va khande daresh
hich vaght fk nmikardam hamchin iranie masoul va khalagh va khosh zoghi vojud dashte bashe ke bedune hemayate dolat hamchin kare taze va zibayi bokone.
vaghean khaste nabashi va omidvaram movafagh va piruz bashi,HAMISHE.
rasti man ba in ke tu iranam va farsi ham baladam amma hame bornamehaa va dars haye toro donbal mikonam va lezat mibaram... engar ke manam daram zabanamo taghviat mikonam hehehehe
be kolli az dustaye kharejimam in sito pishnehad kardam ke una ham daran estefade mikonan va farsi yad migirano tu chat hayi k mikonim modam estefade mikonan...!! hahaha
merci khodafez

These PC's are so flipping amazing - finally i can get a handle on the basics of Persian MERCI!!!!

SALAM Leyla and Matt
Since I have been to Iran recently I love learning farsi,its such a beautiful language. thank you so much for your help...great work,please do keep it up. How can I subscribe to receive the additional material?



Thank you so much for these lessons! so professional and in nice, fun way to learn! I studied Persian since a while, but I still can`t speak, so I look foreword to learn simple phrases :)

Great podcast the only thing that could make it better is make some videos. Otherwise great podcast

Thank u so much for all the helps u provide us with. I am an Arabic native speaker but I live in USA, I feel it is such a great way of memorizing the pronunciations bcz it is so close to Arabic. I enjoy it too much. Keep going ... Thank U from my heart.

We need to speak too to get a grasp so how to do that except in front of a mirror.

Hello is it chetor or chetoree and can you give me the bonus materials for free I am broke.

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