Lesson 18: How to Talk About the Time and Weather

In Lesson 18, we learn how to talk about the weather, and how to tell what time it is.

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Hello our teacher Layla , How are you doing , It is really nice you have done alot of audio about Persian language till know i have found your website and lessons are great really than other websites when i scanned for you , Your voice really cool and let students focusing on it as well, I'm from kurdistan I would like to learn Persian and more close to my language with different prounciation , can you add more details and increase levels?, if you know anything else websites match to my language to learn so much fast just let me know Layla , I hope you success for your Persian language proramming , well done , and keep going , thanks .

yes i would like to have more advanced levels as well, but what you are doing is great.

Thank you so much for these wonderful learning materials.

I was wondering how you put "what time..." in front of a sentence with a verb. For example, "What time did you wake up?" Do you just put "sa'at" in front of the sentence?

Doorude everyone
I am missing the lesson audio and half the transcript. ?
Any suggestions?
Another language website is Persionpod101.com they are good for free dictionary, it has some excellent material as well . Although ; 'Chai & conversation ' with Layla and Matt follows a natural dialogue most useful in conversation bar NONE!
sohbat Farsi mikhonim!!!


I thought I ordered the first 40 lessons but cannot seem to download them. I have up to lesson 15 but can't seem to download the rest. I'm not very good at the computer so it may be my problem. Maybe I didn't order the right number. Perhaps you could send me instructions to my email. I am loving the lessons.

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