Lesson 55: The Etiquette of Being Hosted

Photo by Yasamin Shafinury

If you’re around Iranians often, chances are you’ll be invited to their homes. Iranians love hosting, and it’s common to invite someone over as soon as you meet them. So, let’s learn some of the language and etiquette that goes along with being hosted.

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All phantastic, but you stop too early! How about a discussion of a film, someone telling us how he visited one or two cities in Iran and what he thought of the places, including his hotel, perhaps a kid talking about school, how does one go to a concert? What is conductor, violin, the podium, a singer, a soloist etc, ? How does one buy a ticket in the third row? How do people describe an exhibition they have seen? Etc etc, have you stopped for good with the podcasts or will there be more? I would very much like to encourage you, your lessons are sooo helpful! But what do people talk about after the tooruf sentences have been exchanged, this could provide subjects for at least 4 more units!
Kind regards and kheili mamnun!!!!

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