The Chai and Conversation Learning System

FIRST: Listen to the free podcast.

Each podcast of Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation contains a single lesson, and every ten lessons comprise a ‘Unit’ of the overall course. The podcast lessons provide all the information needed in order to learn and understand conversational Persian words and phrases. The good thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere- on a walk, at the gym, in the car, or even at the office.

SECOND: Purchase the bonus materials.

While the podcasts are free, the best way to learn is by purchasing the incredibly inexpensive bonus material packages that come with each unit. The bonus materials contain the following:

  1. PDF Lesson Guides: These are complete lesson guides that are meant to serve as learning companions to the podcast. They provide simple explanations for each of the words learned in the podcast, as well as a listing of the vocabulary learned in each lesson with the words spelled out phonetically in English AND in Persian script.  

  2. Enhanced Podcasts: The audio for the enhanced podcasts is identical to the regular podcasts with one important difference- the enhanced podcasts provide electronic ‘flashcards’ of each of the words learned spelled out phonetically in English so that you can follow along with the lesson while listening. The enhanced podcasts are especially good for visual learners.

  3. Premium companion podcast: COMING SOON. In the premium companion podcast, Leyla will speak with a native Persian speaker to repeat the words and phrases learned in each lesson slowly and distinctly, without lengthy explanations of each word. The idea is to listen to these podcasts over and over again after first listening to the complete lesson, in order to get an even better grasp of the words. Because these lessons are shorter, they can be listened to multiple times until the listener becomes familiar the vocabulary words.

  4. Vocabulary lists: COMING SOON. Vocabulary lists are included in the Unit premium packages only, and provide an alphabetical listing of all words and phrases learned, so that you can reference them all in the same place.

You can purchase the bonus materials for the podcasts in our Store. Once the purchase is made, you will receive an immediate email with log in information to the website. There, you can access all the bonus materials you’ve purchased.

You can try the bonus materials of Lesson 1 of Chai and Conversation for free.

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THIRD: Read the blog.

Language is the key to any culture, but there are many other ways to truly understand a culture as well. This is why we’ve created the Chai and Conversation blog, complete with posts and videos to help you better understand the Iranian culture.

FOURTH: Join the conversation.

A great way to become a part of the Chai and Conversation community is to sign up for our mailing list. We send very infrequent (but important!) updates, including when a new lesson or video has been posted, along with other very important information. In addition, like us on Facebook to join the active and fun Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation community!