Lesson 12: More numbers, and the Months, Days and Seasons

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Yay!! You're back!! Thank you for the new podcast! I'm looking forward to many more! :)

These lessons continue to get better and better, thanks Matt and Leyla! I've purchased and used all the bonus materials up to this point, and I have to say, I've learned more in this past few weeks from the lessons that I have from all the previous sources and years of study combined! I can actually talk to my friends and family and they understand me! THANKS

I'm very greatfull: )
خيلي متشكرم

Dear, you misspelled greatfull--it's grateful... happy learning and take care!

Hi Guys!
Just a quick comment on dō shanbé: it seems to me to be the capital of Tajikistan and not Afghanistan. Nevertheless, Chai and Conversation is the best language learning experience I've had so far!

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