Lesson 49: How to Talk About Daily Routines

In Lesson 49, we learn to talk about simple daily routines. These include things like eating breakfast, going to work, having meals, and resting.

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Thankyou for another great lesson. I like the way you throw some new words in at the end. I enjoy all of these lessons and learn alot. Thankyou for taking the time to make them. There is not a lot of persian material out there.

Also I am glad 5o mentioned the persian word for "about" I find it hard to find those kind of every day transition words or I am not sure what they are called but words such as usually about sometimes almost and so on. I am glad you brought that up

I have been trying to learn persian and I have search many websites and they havnt been of much help.. The way you teach is so natural.. Its like someone talking to you.. Leylah your voice is lively.... The sound of tea pouring into the cup gives it such a warm feeling. I love your videos because now I dont have to 'write' persian or make any notes....

Hi everybody...I am Iranian person... I wanna help everyone...This is my Skype : amiraziziskype.... you can add me ... and you can listen to me in native accent ... سلام به همگی ... من امیر هستم ...خوشحال میشم بتونم کمکتون کنم... اگر دوست داشتید میتونید با من توی اسکایپ مکالمه کنید ... موفق باشید... به امید فردای بهتر ... بدرود

Hi kids.
I want help everyone
This is my viber and what's app

آخ الهی بمیرم ، فارسیم پولی شده ، خوب بیان خودم مفتی راتون بندازم

hi I am Iranian ... you can speak Persian with me... this is my e-mail .. majid.136177@yahoo.com ... and I like help you for learn my language and see you here in iran and of course in kerman

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