Lesson 50: More about Daily Routines

In this lesson, we learn more about how to talk about daily routines, especially routines associated with waking up and going to bed.

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wow it's quit great but actually we say chaee instead of chai.chai is also true but we do not use it in informal conversations.

وااای! چقدر قشنگه!
عالی ست
چقدر خوب هست آموزش شما

وااای! چقدر قشنگه!
عالی ست
چقدر خوب هست آموزش شما

This is an excellent lesson!! Before I found this podcast I was trying to talk about daily routines in persian and was not having much luck. Now I think i have it down pact! Thankyou!!

These podcast are so helpful and useful! Please continue to make more lessons!! :-)

It's been so long since your last lesson..... any idea when you'll restart??

Me too! Please restart in teaching us! Thank so much in advance!

Thanks for the podcasts. Was relying on written ressources up to now and your podcasts helped me bridge the gap from written to spoken form.
For those interested, I created some quiz on Spocle to help me study Farsi. For instance you can find a list of 50 verbs here:

Keep on the great work! Khoda Hafez!

Hi..I'd love to speak Farsi, does anyone can teach me? I speak English and teaching English Phonics.

Hi, I 'm Iranian and I want to learn English. I can teach you Farsi and you can teach me English.
Please contact me via mohammadehamidi@-gmail

Hi, Farsi is my first language

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