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Shazdeh Koochooloo, Iran’s Little Prince

Although The Little Prince (translated as shāzdé koochooloo) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is not a distinctly Persian novel, it has a very important place in the heart of Iranians. If you’re not familiar with the story (where have you been?!) The Little Prince is a beautiful story about a pilot who meets a little boy in the desert, and through a series of conversations, delves into the depths of the topics of life, love, death and everything in between.

Lesson 37: A Dialogue in a Restaurant

Up until now, we’ve been listening to conversations between Leyla and various family members. In Lesson 37, we listen to a dialogue that takes place in a restaurant, first between a host and patrons, and then between a waitress and patrons. This should sound familiar to you, because much of this vocab was covered in unit 2. This will serve as a reminder and also present some new vocabulary for you to use when visiting a restaurant.

Lesson 33: A Dialogue between Leyla and Her Mother

Lesson 33 features a dialogue between Leyla and her mother.  This lesson won't have a particular focus in terms of tenses. Rather, it will have general conversational vocabulary and skills that we need to learn.

Lesson 32: A Dialogue between Leyla and Aunt Farnaz

Welcome to lesson 32, the second in our dialogues series. In this lesson, we'll be hearing a dialogue with an actual native speaker of the Persian language. That's right: we'll be listening to a conversation that Leyla had with her aunt!  Afterwards, Matt and Leyla will go over the vocabulary and phrases used in the dialogue.

Lesson 31: A Dialogue between Matt and Leyla

Lesson 31 features a dialogue between Matt and Leyla. This lesson begins a very special unit of Chai and Conversation! We're going to take all the vocabulary, phrases, and grammar rules we've learned in the first three units, and combine them in short and simple dialogues.


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