Presenting our video about 'Tarof'!

Leyla Shams
July 10, 2012

This is a short video describing the concept of Tarof, the Persian form of etiquette, to people who may not be familiar with it.

As you can see in the video, it can be slightly extreme, and can sometimes get in the way of you getting what you want. But overall, it's like a dance, where all parties know what they should say in any given situation, and a way for people to skirt around topics, and not be completely direct with one another, to show respect and humility towards the other.



OMMMGGG SOOOO FFFUNNNNNYYY!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.... Sending to everyone I know

lol! i can relate to this it's similar in my culture. love it!

This site is so fun! I know some Farsi, but I don't get a chance to practice. Farsi is such a wonderful language and has many fond memories for me.

Very nice conversation, good for beginners to start learning persian language. Good team work!!

I am liking what I am seeing and what I am hearing. I have always wanted to learn Farsi, and I think finally I have found the tool and perhaps equally the determination to go ahead and learn it. I speak Urdu as well so I think it will be a lot easier for me since I already use many of the words found in Farsi that have found there way into Urdu. Keep up the good work.

Really? Persian culture?
People across Asia do this, and because you are American, let me explain that Asia is from Turkey onwards.
This culture of entering door, food etc, is done alot by Sikhs also. Fights and not talking for months just because, someone didn't come visit you after you went to visit them, if you came over the guests didn't eat, being embarrassed for having someone else pay your food bill etc.
Go and talk to some Sikhs and you'll find so many similarities, more than you'll ever know, because why ? Well, I can't tell you that, lets see if you can work it out ;-)

although I agree with you that there is a lot of similarities between asian cultures but it seems you didn't understand the 'tarof' none of your examples are related to Tarof

Thank you thank you so much for this!! :) I've been reading a lot about Iran because i really wanna go there this year for the very first time and one thing i don't understand quite well is the famous concept of Tarof, but now it's so obvious thank to this video! Actually i was watching and smiling and laughing all the time because it's so funny! :) Definitely a lot of good information here, gonna subscribe for sure. :)

thank you - truth be told, I'm Iranian and it was so fun to find such a site but the funniest was your way of translating Persian idioms into English cuz I've always wanted to know how our words mean to English language speakers

Perfect, Sending this to all my friend which have been wondering about my weird behaviour while tarofing.