Numbers 1 through 10

One of the easiest and most useful things to learn in any language is how to count from one to ten. With that in mind, we’d like to challenge you to learn these numbers in Persian by the end of today.

To begin with, listen to this helpful clip from Lesson 6:

In this clip, I teach Matt the numbers set to one of my favorite tunes by Kayhan Kalhor. We go over the numbers several times, so you can listen and learn along with Matt.

Next, here's the complete list written in phonetic English.

  1. yek
  2. chāhār
  3. panj
  4. sheesh
  5. haft
  6. hasht
  7. noh
  8. dah

Finally, we here at Chai and Conversation like to make things as enjoyable as possible for you. So here are the numbers along with visual aides of your most favorite baby animals (why not learn the names of baby animals too while you're at it...).


1. yek peeshee


2. dō joojé

3. sé khargoosh

4. chāhār pāndā

5. panj ba'aré

6. sheesh khargoosh

7. haft ordak

8. hasht joghd

9. noh panguan

10. dah lākposht



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