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Welcome to Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation, the podcast for anyone trying to learn conversational Persian.

With Chai and Conversation you will be learning conversational Persian in weekly lessons of about 15 minutes each.  If you’ve been trying to learn Persian, you will have noticed that there is a such a lack of effective learning materials, especially if your goal is to learn informal Persian.  The point of this podcast is to teach you Persian in a fun and casual manner so that you can quickly begin using it in conversation.

We will begin with spoken Persian only, and in the future, if there is enough interest, we will add lessons for written Persian as well.

Please help support us by checking out and purchasing the  supplemental learning materials that go with each lesson.  Producing these podcasts is time intensive and costly, so any support would be much appreciated!

We are developing this program as we go along, so any comments or suggestions you have would be much appreciated.  Please use our contact form to write us directly.  We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome to Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation!


hi, I live in Pakistan, my maternal relatives including my mother speak darri ( older version of Persian), and I am all at sea in terms of understanding Persian. I hope this website would be big help in learning Persian.

Hi my Iranian friend call me kopol or kopolach. He said its cute or chubby-cute. I want to ask how do you say 'skinny' or skinny-cute? He says it's lokar. Any suggestions? Thanks

kopolak mean cute for fat boy
skinny in farsi:ostekhoony or
laghar mordany(impolit)

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