Ways to Celebrate this week for Nowruz!

As you know, we are right now in the middle of the 13-day celebration known as nowruz- the celebration began the moment the earth crossed the vernal equinox, and continues through Wednesday April 1st- we’ll bring you more information about the significance of this day early next week, but for now, here are a few things you should be doing this week to celebrate:

deed o bāz deed- this literally means ‘to see and see again’. During the 13 days of the beginning of spring, the tradition is to go visit all of your friends and family, and they in turn have to come to your house to see you. Everyone is ready to be a gracious host this week, supplying guests with plenty of sweets to ring in the new year, and also tea and fruit of course (what Iranian household doesn’t have a giant bowl of fruit ready at all times?). It’s customary to visit elders of the family first, and then make your way through the list of all close family, friends, and even acquaintances. 

wearing new clothes- generally Iranians will be prepared this week to wear at least one set of new clothing, all the way to the underwear. Because spring is a time for freshness and newness, this is symbolic of letting go of the old and displaying the new. 

haft seen- during this week, Iranians have a special table set up in the house called the haft seen table- filled with symbolic items that represent spring, and seven items that begin with the Persian letter ‘seen’. These include items that represent prosperity, freshness, rebirth, love, and life, and that represent the new start provided by the new season. One of the most important elements of the nowruz haft seen table is wheatgrass, which is sprouted from grains a few days before the new year, and is thrown into water on the 13th day of nowruz (more on that next week!).

So we hope you have an opportunity this weekend to visit some new friends and make some fresh starts in your life!

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