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Lesson 24: The Concept of ‘Ezafé’

Lesson 24 goes over the concept of ‘ezafe,’ which will allow you to communicate many things in the Persian language, including adjectives.

Presenting our first video for Nowruz 1391!

It’s almost time for Norooz, the most important holiday in the Iranian culture. This holiday marks the beginning of the Persian calendar and occurs every year at the exact moment that spring starts. This video goes through some of the vocabulary associated with the Persian New Year, called Nowruz. Also, for the first time, see Matt and Leyla in action! As always, PLEASE ENJOY.

Lesson 22: The verb ‘To Have’

Lesson 22 is all about the verb ‘to have,’ which will come in handy very soon in our upcoming grammar lessons.

Lesson 21: The verb ‘To Be’

Lesson 21 is the first lesson in Unit 3 of Chai and Conversation! In this unit, we will be going over the fundamentals of grammar of the Persian language! This entire lesson is devoted to the verb ‘to be,’ and its many different forms.


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