Lesson 45: How to Talk About Feeling Under the Weather and Pain, and Parts of the Body

Iranian Bolbol Bird

In this lesson, we cover a topic you will hopefully not have to use too often- the topic of not feeling too well. We'll learn how to express that you're not feeling well, how to ask others how they are feeling, and how to talk about pain that you have. Also, we will learn the Persian words for several parts of the body.

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Ok , there are two mistakes in that audio :
1- chete is " completely informal " so there is no formal way to say that , and chetoone is plural for chete that would also be " informal "
2-in Persian leg and foot are the same words which is " pa " , but for hand and arm there are two different words
hand as you said is " dast " , and arm is " bazoo " ( بازو )

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