Video: The First Four Persian Words You Need to Know

Leyla Shams
December 30, 2013

In this video, we introduce Graham, a new listener to the Chai and Conversation podcast. Graham wants to learn Persian for an upcoming trip to California, so we teach him four introductory words he needs to know in order to have an entire conversation in the Persian language. Whether you're a new listener to Chai and Conversation, or a long time student, you can listen and repeat the words with Graham to get a good grasp on these four introductory words.

Download the complete Lesson Guide for this video here:

Persian Greeting Video Guide.pdf



Leyla. Amazing website amazing podcasts! Thank you for this site. You're truly a star!

I just want to say Merci for all the lessons,
you all really put a lot of effort and thought into each lesson.
I appreciate the realness of each lesson,
and the humor.