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Perhaps you’re just getting started on learning the Persian language. Or, you’ve been trying different resources for years and have found them frustrating and unapproachable. No matter what point you’re at on your Persian learning journey, we’re so glad you’ve found us.

Since publishing our first lesson in 2010, we’ve helped thousands of students achieve their dream of learning the Persian language—become a member of Chai and Conversation free for 30 days, and join them today!

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We offer three paths to learning the Persian language:

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Language learning isn't just about grammar and verbs (although that's important too!).

It's about immersing yourself into a culture's customs and traditions as well. Check out our latest blog posts and videos to get a taste of Iranian culture.

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Presenting our video about 'Tarof'!

We've had great feedback...

Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of students learn the Persian language, many of whom had tried so many different resources before finding us. Check out the feedback below...

My son who never cared about language before is slightly obsessed with your YouTube videos and us practicing together. Began lesson one on YouTube with Chai: obsessed. I’m not sure what it is about your podcast that makes the language more relatable. Maybe it’s bc you have an “outsider“ and an insider. Or bc you do small bites and you also talk about cultural traditions. God truly put you two together.

Member since 2021

I am absolutely loving these lessons. They are so well thought out and utterly professional. The lessons are practical and easy to follow. I have Persian heritage from my father’s side and I’m married to an Indian-Iranian who speaks Persian fluently as he grew up in Iran. I always struggled to find a suitable course and this has really filled that niche. Well done Leyla!!!.


I just found your podcast! I’m so excited about it, and to see it’s still going, as you started it years ago! Thank you for everything! I bought a subscription, still trying to make it a daily habit and „learn how to learn“ for myself. (I’m American, living in Berlin with my Persian/German husband). Thank you for everything you are doing!! By far the best resource I have found!


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We make learning the Persian language fun, accessible and most importantly, ACHIEVABLE! No matter where you are on your Persian learning journey—join us!