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Persian (phonetic) English Appears In
va and Forough Farrokhzad - Fathé Bagh, Part 4
va and Rumi - Beshnō een nay, Part 2
va and Rumi’s Rooz o Shab, Part 3
va az ān shākheyé bāzeegar door az dast seeb rā cheedeyeem and that we have plucked the apple from that playful, hard to reach branch Forough Farrokhzad - Fathe Bagh, Part 1
va baghā rā dar yek lahzé nāmahdood kê dō khorsheed bé ham kheeré shodand and we found permanence in an endless moment when two suns stared at each other Forough Farrokhzad - Fathe Bagh, Part 1
va chenān beetābam and i'm so restless Sohrab Sepehri - Dar Golestāné Introduction
va chenān beetābam and I'm so restless Sohrab Sepehri - Dar Golestāné, Part 4
vāghan deegé yavāsh yavāsh pāsheem Really let's start going. The Etiquette of Being Hosted
vakeel lawyer How to Talk About Your Job and Where You Work
vakht time Time and Date (Vocabulary Sprint)
vālā truthfully Review of Unit 2
vali but How to Say Where You Live, and Answer Simple Questions
vali but The Simple Past Tense
vali oon morghé zard ghashangtar-é But that yellow chicken is nicer looking How to Describe Things (Includes List of All the Colors)
va man sā’até hasht sobhāné meekohram and I eat breakfast at 8 How to Talk About Daily Routines
vān bath House / Home (Vocabulary Sprint)
va natarseedeem and we were not afraid Forough Farrokhzad - Fathé Bagh, Part 2
varzesh exercise Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
varzeshé goroohee team sports Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)
varzeshé tak nafaré individual sport Sports (Vocabulary Sprint)