Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See in Persian!

Leyla Shams
May 24, 2019

Below is the popular children's book 'Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See' translated to the Persian (Farsi) language, complete with some original drawings of the animals! You can download a copy of the pages here to either print out or view on your device. We've included the phonetic English spelling of the Persian words so that you can read it even if you can't read in Persian! Please note that the translation is not direct from the English- it's been altered so that it will rhyme, which is important when reading this story to children. Please enjoy!



Question - what is the difference between جوجه and چرنده? I assume that the latter is fairly generic ("flying") but have only ever seen it used for birds....

First, that's پرنده. Second, جوجه means "Chicken" (also its slang mean is "little person" / "twit") but پرنده means "Bird" generically.

A goldfish is almost certainly different from a gold fish. And so is in Persian, where the former is almost certainly called ماهی‌گلی ([māhi.goli] literally, flowerfish), ubiquitous in Norouz New Year spreads/tables.

You've used a child's word for a cat (پیشی pishee for گربه gorbé). A child's word for a dog (سگ sag) is هاپو hāpoo, for a sheep (بره barré) is ببعی babaee, and for a bird (پرنده parandé) is جوجو joojoo (from جوجه joojé= a bird's chicken, as Wajiro correctly said.)

I don't know if it has already been pointed out, but on the download the transliteration for sheep is goosfande but the word in Persian script is bareye.

Hello Leyla and team! You've got "سوسمار" as "alligator", but I think that's more appropriately translated as "lizard". That's what a bit of googling tells me. Am I wrong? It all gets a bit confusing, mind you (probably because people also mix them up)... I find a lot of overlap between سوسمار، تمساح، and کروکودیل. I think the last is crocodile ;)