April 02, 2018 • So I Married an Iranian

Lesson 2- How to Greet People, Say Goodbye, and Introduce Yourself

In this lesson, we follow Lesson 2 of Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation- to get the bonus materials for this lesson, visit the lesson page. There, you'll find the transcript of the lesson, the lesson guide, the words presented as individual 'snippets' so you can listen to them over and over again, and an enhanced podcast where you can watch a video of the lesson with the words flashing on the screen.
March 30, 2018

What is sizdah bedar?

Are you ready to spend the entire day outside?
March 26, 2018 • So I Married an Iranian

Lesson 1- How to Greet People and Ask How They're Doing

In this video, we go through Lesson 1 of Chai and Conversation with Leyla and Chris. Chris has been married to Leyla for over three years now, but has not dived into the Chai and Conversation program just yet. Because the in-laws (and Leyla) are growing a bit impatient with his lack of knowledge of the Persian language, he is going through the program in video format with Leyla. The lessons in 'So I Married an Iranian' will follow the same format of the podcasts of Chai and Conversation- however, there will be plenty of cultural lessons as well. Learn along with Chris as he journeys into the Persian language and culture! 
March 19, 2018 • So I Married an Iranian

How we celebrate Nowruz, Persian New Year!

Please enjoy our video about how we celebrate nowruz in the Shams/Gannon family. Scroll below to read other tips and more information about this most important Persian holiday!
March 13, 2018

Fire Jumping is Tonight!

Are you ready to jump over some fire tonight?
March 05, 2018

Our Brand New Website, and Favorite Chai Features!

As those of you who have been with us for a while may have noticed, we have a brand new website! We have been working quietly behind the scenes on this for over two years now, so you can imagine how excited we are to finally reveal all that work to you. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you for all your kind notes and words of encouragement- please keep them coming!
September 07, 2017

How Uber Is Going Iranian

(coauthored by Mahshad Vakili Hall)
July 14, 2017

Learn Persian tābestoon Word of the Day - Review of Week 4

A continuation of our tābestoon word of the day series. This week, we learn a few more words associated with the season. Any we're missing and you're dying to know? Leave us a comment below!
July 07, 2017

Learn Persian tābestoon Word of the Day - Review of Week 3

Another tābestoon week, another set of words! This week, we got a little help with our words from musician Fared Shafinury. In addition to being an incredible Iranian-American musician, he also wrote and performed our theme music!
June 30, 2017

Learn Persian tābestoon Word of the Day - Review of Week 2

This week, as the weather is heating up, we are continuing to learn words about tābestoon.