Unit 1

In this unit, you are introduced to the Persian alphabet, and to the unique aspects of reading and writing in the Persian language. Also, learn about Persian vowels (they're different!) and how they interact with some of the most popular consonants.

Unit 2

In this unit, we continue to learn individual consonants and vowels in the Persian alphabet. At the end of this unit, we have a comprehensive review of all the lessons learned so far.

Unit 3

We revisit some of the letters we learned about in the last unit. In the case of two of those letters, we learn how they go from being vowels in certain contexts to becoming consonants in other contexts. In addition, we learn two brand new letters.

Unit 4

In addition to learning a set of new consonants, we learn our first exception in Persian reading and writing in this unit.

Unit 5

In this unit, we go over several new letters of the alphabet, and learn about the symbol tashdeed.