Bite Sized Units

The full course is divided into 6 core units of 10 lessons each. Each unit has a different theme focused on getting you to learn the language more efficiently.

Beginners can also jump right into Unit 7 as well, which covers modern and classic Persian poetry!

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Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6

Unit 3

The Grammar Series

In this unit, we learn about the ‘why.’ We didn’t learn grammar to begin with because language is all about communicating. In this unit, you’ll learn the mechanics behind the language- now the rules will make more sense. We’ll go over verb conjugations, sentence structures, and other topics of language learning interest.

Unit 4

The Dialogue Series

Now, we put the conversation and the grammar together in a series of dialogues between Leyla and native speakers of Persian. In this series, you’ll learn words and phrases frequently used by Persian speakers, and test your knowledge of the language. This is where it all comes together.

Unit 8

Vocabulary Sprints

In this unit, we focus on building our Persian/Farsi vocabulary quickly and efficiently. Each lesson has a specific topic, and builds around a certain theme. These lessons can be enjoyed by complete beginners, and advanced Persian speakers as well. The more vocabulary you know, the more things you can talk about!  

Unit 9


In this unit, we continue our study of Persian poetry. We learn some of the most famous poems in the Persian language, talk about the feelings and meanings behind the words, and then learn key words and phrases contained in the poems.